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10 New Cases

January 10, 2017

Over the course of the past month, Oxford Reports on International Law, a continuously updated resource, has added 10 additional cases. See below for a complete list of new content.

International Law in Domestic Courts

ILDC Cases Citation / Title
ILDC 2321 (RU 2014) On the Case Regarding the Criminal Extradition of a Citizen of the Republic of Belarus by the Russian Federation, Review

ILDC 2434 (DE 1986)

Nuclear Power Plant Emsland, Appeal judgment

ILDC 649 (NO 2006)

A and ors v Public Prosecuting Authority, Final decision on interlocutory appeal

ILDC 2252 (US 2014)

Doe I and ors v Nestle USA, Inc and ors, Appeal judgment

ILDC 2259 (US 2014)

Al Shimari and ors v CACI Premier Tech, Inc and ors, Appeal judgment

ILDC 2208 (US 2007)

Richard Allen and ors v Russian Federation and ors, Decision on motion to dismiss

ILDC 1007 (ES 2008)

Alberto Cortina de Alcocer and Alberto de Alcocer Torra v Public Prosecutor, Constitutional appeal

ICL 788 (STL 2009)

Order on conditions of detention

ICL 787 (STL 2009)

Order regarding the detention of persons detained in Lebanon in connection with the case of the attack against Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and others

ICL 842 (ICTR 1996)

Prosecutor v. Musema Decision on the Formal Request for Deferral Presented by the Prosecutor