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New Editorial: The Peace of Nijmegen (1678–1679)

The latest in The Wars of Louis XIV in Treaties by Randall Lesaffer

The entry into the war of the emperor, some German states, and Spain at the side of the Dutch and the loss of his allies in 1673 and 1674 forced Louis XIV (1638–1715) and his ministers to rethink the whole war and adjust its aim. Whereas the war had started as an attempt to subdue the Dutch Republic, the French king now had to fall back on his older ambitions to make territorial gains against the Spanish Netherlands and some German states to the north and east. By the start of the campaign of 1674, the battlefield had moved from the Dutch Republic to the lands surrounding French territory, with Louis’s armies now fighting to extend the French borders.

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Image credit: Vrede van Nijmegen - De ondertekening van de Vrede tussen Frankrijk en Spanje door Henri Gascard (1635-1701). Via Wikimedia Commons. {{PD-US}}. View a larger version.

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